Wednesday, August 24, 2016

From the archives: Punch Line from What's so funny? @ Gallery Project

What’s so funny? 
Hanging the piece in the stairwell

The view up

Close up

The Artist is Present, and in a tux

I have been accused of being too literal in my interpretation of themes for shows in the past. I am okay with that designation as that is how I was trained as an artist. I have a bizarre sense of humor, and that can often times come out in my art and in my writing. It’s not always to everyone’s taste, but humor can be a weapon as well as a tonic.

This piece is my literal take on a punch line, with a shout out to the old Batman TV series. The fight scenes, although never dangerous, were taken to another level when the screen would suddenly change to “POW!” or “OOOOFFF!” or any of the other ridiculous fight words they came up with.

In a world that takes itself way too seriously, it’s refreshing to see a show that provokes laughs and elicits a smile. Art doesn’t always have to have a message, nor does it have to be serious. Thanks to Gloria and Rocco for giving us the chance to show this side of us as artists.

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