Monday, May 16, 2016

Wish List @ Gallery Project in Toledo, OH

The amazing Gallery Project held "Wish List" in an abandoned department store in downtown Toledo (Ohio) last summer. One of the curators invited me to show in the collection, and I think was hoping for a piece on LGBT rights. I had considered that, but with the pending SCOTUS ruling, I was hesitant to do anything that might look outdated once the show opened in August.
The movie "Superbad"  inspired me. 

So, I channeled my inner seven year old and drew a penis.


Here's my Artist's Statement for my piece "Size Queen"
My best friend in high school worked in an adult book store our senior year. Many afternoons when I was off “studying” I was actually at the bookstore with my friend using a razor to open the goodies displayed on the shelves of the store.
Many of the magazines available in the clearance bin were from the seventies and had that delicious raunchiness to them that so defined that decade. Needless to say, my aesthetic, when it comes to porn and what I find erotic, has that very same vibe to it. I think I was also scarred (and scared!) for life by the likes of John Holmes and Al Parker, two porno superstars with gigantic penises.
As young boys, we all wondered if we would be “big enough” downstairs and that hope is the theme for my “Wish List” entry. Yes, the porn industry finds the models with the biggest butts, the biggest tits, and the biggest cocks, after all, it’s a fantasy. But when you’re an insecure teenager, these fantasies can fuel lust and doubt in your mind.
I’m not curing cancer or doing anything that is actually helpful with my Wish List, I’m just presenting every boys’ wish…  a giant dick and the hope that he somehow measures up.

The Artist Is Present

The curators noted that my piece was one of the most photographed, natch. 

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