Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dangerous Lives of Children Images

Last summer was spent getting ready for my part in Arts and Ideas Gallery's "Social Realism 2010" show. My "Dangerous Lives of Children" was on display there, and then at the Bon Ton Room here in Jackson.
All I want

Anna get your gun

Biker Baby: For Bonnie

Carson G: Monster Killer

Colton drops in

Dolly Drop

Do not feed

Fear Factor: Clown Edition


Must be 18

No Pictures


Sink or Swim

Stuck in Jackson

Ghost stories

Tilt (with projections)

Uncle Fun

Urban Fairy

Friday, June 24, 2011

One more

This is my favorite of the two Adams. I love the energy and the look of the piece. It's sexy and it's fun.

Madam I'm Adam part 2

So yeah, I guess I have a thing for guys named Adam. A friend of mine suggested I was going through my friends alphabetically. But we call this one Woody for short. He's running for various Leather/Bear titles around the Great Lakes Area, so we included some Bear and Leather stuff to add to the shoot. Like the other Adam, he's a natural.

Madam, I'm Adam Part 1

A few from the hundreds I shot with Adam last month. This young man is beyond handsome. He was very easy to photograph and seemed to come at it naturally. I foresee a modeling career in his future.

More art! Eye popping color edition

Text the police

In Marshall, MI. I love the vintage look to this.


More art! B&W edition

Some artsy shots I found on the portable hard drive.
My old stomping grounds. Taken from my car on the drive to Adrian last winter.

Urban bike

Old man outside of SCAD

Tilt Shift images

Doing some clean up of files and found these. Too cool not to share.