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From the archives: End Times from The Politics of Fear @ Gallery Project

End Times

If you like it, put a ring on it.
Apparently, the simple act of marrying my husband in California in 2008 is contributing to the end of the world. Since the elections in 2004, when gay marriage was used as a wedge issue, this contentious issue has dominated the elections and helped George W. Bush win a second term in office.
The flyers and mailings that came to our house in the very birthplace of the Republican Party (Jackson, MI) were offensive and blatantly homophobic. “What about the children???” the angry and prophetic flyers wondered out loud with their poor graphics and sensational headlines. Yeah, what about the children? Our child helped marry us in California, as she was our flower girl and ring bearer at the same time and she is doing just fine.

Projection still
And with the gathering storm approaching (thanks to the National Organization for Marriage’s ridiculous ad and general troll Maggie Gallagher) the end was indeed in sight. However, on a warm and sunny afternoon in San Francisco, I married my husband in front a small group of friends, family, and former students. We were LEGALLY married by an ordained clergy man, Jeb Edwards in a Christian ceremony on the fourth floor of City Hall. Below is a video of the piece in action. 

To this day, the world is still turning and life goes on as it did before I put a ring on Tod’s left hand and shared my vows in a shaky but sincere voice in the fabulous Beaux Arts City Hall of San Francisco. The prophetic voices lamenting the end of traditional marriage now have 18,000 married couples to scare the world with for midterms this fall, and with the recent ruling regarding Proposition 8, I am certain we will be paraded around and once again thrust into the spotlight to incite fear and trembling amongst the voters. I am proud and ready for this fight.
The images that are being projected over our wedding picture are from the internet found under simple search terms such as:   
Protecting marriage        
Defending marriage        
Anti Gay Marriage

I did not take these pictures, nor do I claim them as mine. However, the internet is fair game, especially when it comes to satire or political commentary. 

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