Wednesday, August 24, 2016

From the archives: Born This Way from Mine/Yours @ Gallery Project

Mine/Yours @ Gallery Project

close up of work
 At the interpersonal level Mine Yours looks at real and artificial barriers people create to separate themselves from others; at the group level the social symbols groups latch onto to establish their uniqueness; and at the international level the disputes nations have over territory, water rights, and air space. The changing relationships between governments and their citizenry will be explored in the context of growing surveillance in the ages of terrorism, globalism, and information technology.  Finally, human pathologies, resulting from some of these phenomena will also be explored such as hoarding and various addictions people develop as they retreat further into real or imagined safe havens. Mine/Yours invites participating artists to comment visually on these social phenomena, and their varied impacts and behavioral adaptations.

The piece installed at the Gallery Project
The piece by Tom McMillen-Oakley and Isaac is an exploration of gender/gender identity and sexuality.  This is the first time that McMillen-Oakley and Isaac have collaborated, and this connection has produced an evocative and compelling piece.

You can also find this piece here:
Autumn 2012 “Born this way” Mascular Magazine


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