Sunday, July 4, 2010

Teach your students well

In my 40 some odd years here on earth, I had never, ever celebrated my birthday in school. Since I was born in June, I usually opted for some other random day on the calendar and pretended to be stoked by the cards and other stuff on my non-birthday.
A few years ago, I was actually teaching summer classes on my birthday and Tod came in with cupcakes and balloons for me to share with my students.
This year, via the magic of Facebook, my students found out my birthday was last week. I was touched by their hosting of an impromptu potluck, and was even more touched (as I think they are in the head) by their gift.
Yes, that would be all their names carved into a giant turd in an adult diaper.
I am going to dry this thing out and fire it.

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